Last Concert by Hangzhou Philharmonic before Chinese New Year
City Express 2019-01-29 14:39:53

All seats were occupied at “Voice of Beethoven,” the last concert of Hangzhou Philharmonic before the Spring Festival on Jan. 26. 

The first track, Violin Concerto in D major, was composed by Beethoven when his music career was on the rise. 

The second track, Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony, was made when his career got bogged down due to his deafness. It may not be as famous as the Fifth, but you are probably more familiar with Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7 than you think. It has been used widely in film and television to underscore both joy and sorrow.

There is a concert that violin lovers cannot miss! Famous Chinese violinist Lyu Siqing will give his performance cooperated with Osmo Vänskä, the Minnesota Orchestra’s tenth music director.

Photos by Mao Ruohao