Explore the Hidden Temple Delicacies in Hangzhou
City Express 2019-01-29 12:59:26

Yesterday is called “Xiao Nian Ye” by Hangzhounese, which is the festival on the 23rd the 12th month of the lunar year, when sacrifices are made to the Kitchen God.

Xiangji Temple(香积寺) held a folk cultural event, recreating the ritual of the enshrining and worshiping the Kitchen God. Many temple classic vegetarian dishes, rarely seen in ordinary time, were unveiled at the event.

Eight temples in Hangzhou—Lingyin Temple, Xiangji Temple, Jingci Temple, Shangtianzhu Temple, Zhongtianzhu Temple, Jingshan Temple, Yongfu Temple, Lingshun Temple all displayed traditional vegetarian food at Xiangji Temple to the public to have a taste. Let’s explore these hidden temple delicacies in Hangzhou!

灵隐寺的三丝腐皮卷 Bean Curd Roll of Lingyin Temple

灵隐寺的蜜汁酱萝卜Soy-preserved Radish in Honey Sauce of Lingyin Temple

香积寺福饼 Fortune Cake of Xiangji Temple

香积寺粽子 Zongzi of Xiangji Temple

净慈寺玫瑰萝卜Rose Radish of Jingci Temple

永福寺的贺新春 Spring Rolls of Yongfu Temple

上天竺的香菇丝 Mushroom strips of Shangtianzhu

上天竺的秋葵拌蘑菇酱 Okra with mushroom sauce of Shangtianzhu

灵顺寺的凉拌藕片Lotus roots salad of Lingshun Temple

photos by Zhu Danyang