HIS GLASS English Corner Project supports Anji Dog Shelter
2022-11-13 11:00:45

Since our new dog awareness foundation started last Spring 2022, we have conducted various activities to raise money and to raise awareness to help the dogs in need, particularly dogs in the Anji Dog Shelter.


To be able to fundraise to donate food and medicines last January and last October, we started the project “Community English Corner”. The Community English Corner was a program to help children improve their English Language skills while raising money and awareness to help stray dogs. 

It took place from Monday-Friday, from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM for two weeks last summer. We did activities such as spelling bee, trivia, bingo, and charades. Each day there was a different leader, who made the games and oversaw everything. The captains lead a team of members to participate in the games, and if they win, they earned prizes. We charged 30 RMB per child per day. The program was very welcomed in the community.


It was a successful start. As the GLASS dog saver team, we hope this initiative can reach the HIS community and the Hangzhou community. Together we can make a difference!

Lydia Yichen Yu is a Grade 7 MYP Student at Hangzhou International School (HIS). You are welcome to join her to make a difference for the dogs before it is too late.