Hangzhou Students' Film Competes in Berlin Int'l Film Festival
2019-01-23 09:54:27

Vanishing Days(《漫游》), the feature film produced by a group of young people from Hangzhou, has been successfully selected for the competition for the 69th Berlin International Film Festival which will open on February 7, 2019. 

20-year-old director Zhu Xin is a sophomore at China Academy of Art. Jin jiacheng, the art director is a High school student at Hangzhou Xuejun High school. Jiang Li, a junior middle-school student in Hangzhou cast as the male protagonist. Producers Wang Jingyuan graduated from Hangzhou No.2 High School who  helped the director accomplish the production of the film.

After finishing high school in Hangzhou No.2 High School, Wang Jingyuan got a double-degree in visual arts and mathematics at Oberlin College in 2014. In 2017, he continued his studies at NYU TiSCH as an exchange student.

The film is set in a muggy summer of 2009 in Hangzhou. A girl named Li Senlin (李森林) is doing her homework when aunt Qiu came to visit and talked about a story about a desert island in the old days. After that, Li Senlin felt that aunt Qiu might be her real mother…

Actually, being a scientist is the dream of Wang Jingyuan. However, “lives are full of coincidences,” said Wang Jingyuan. “Shooting a film really fascinates me. When the camera starts rolling, everyone feels not tired.”

Tracing back to 2011, Wang first got to know the DV club at No.2 High School. In the second year of high school, he and his classmate shot their first micro film. After finishing high school, together with his classmate, Wang established a workshop “Xin Mu”(新木) and engaged in some independent short films. In August 2016, he gathered all his friends to support his new film,that is Vanishing Days

“You just do it if you really want to do the film,” after that, “everything is about the film in my life,” Wang said.