Meet Most Popular Creative Products in Hangzhou Museums
2019-01-22 13:49:42

"National Treasure" season 2, the cultural exploration program began to air on CCTV 3 from the end of last year. Meanwhile, its official online shop "Hello History"(你好历史) was opened at T-mall.

All the creative products in the store are inspired by China’s ancient relics. The colored sculpture “彩绘散乐浮雕” from Hebei Museum is the best-selling item with more than 1700 pieces been sold. 

Hangzhou is the city of museums, and there loads of creative products in the museums. What are the best sellers in those museums? Let’s check it out!

Zhejiang Museum(浙江省博物馆) 

The top selling item is the duplicated Painting-fan themed “10 Scenic Spots in West Lake” created by painter Dong Gao (董诰) in the Qing dynasty.  

Where to buy? You can find it in the Zhejiang Museum.

China National Silk Museum(中国丝绸博物馆)

The best seller is the silk scarf “Hua Mei Zhi Yuan”(华美致远), which is a simple item of clothing can be loosely worn over the shoulders, upper body and arms, and sometimes also over the head. 

It is usually a rectangular or square piece of cloth, which is often folded to make a triangle or be triangular in shape. The concept takes design inspiration from a flowing black drifted shawl during the period of the Republic of China.

Where to buy? You can find it on the ground floor in the China National Silk Museum.

Hangzhou Arts and Crafts Museum(杭州工艺美术博物馆)

The best seller is a bamboo fan engraved with the Grand Canal shape design, named “真丝拱宸桥雕刻女扇” in Chinese. Interestingly, the bamboo is brewed with Chinese herb, so the fragrance of it would make you feel relaxed.

Where to buy? You can find it in the China Fan Museum, in the China Knife, Scissors and Sword Museum, and also in the China Umbrella Museum.

Liangzhu Museum(良渚博物馆)

The top seller is named “天地之灵” in Chinese, which is a mouse pad made of silk, and it can also be a pen bag or a phone pocket. You will like it if you are interested in the Liangzhu culture.  

Where to buy? You can find it in Xiaofeng Bookstore (晓风书店) in the Liangzhu Museum.