Delivery Drones Are Just around the Corner
City Express 2019-01-22 09:33:02

The delivery drones of Antwork(迅蚁)have been on a test run in the Dream Town, Hangzhou, where Starbucks and KFC have applied the delivery service in a test area. 

The 5G technology makes excellent contributions to the drones. A 5G device is equipped in the container of the delivery drone, which can transmit HD pictures in real time when the drone takes off. The navigation system will not depend on GPS tech. Under the high-latency network, the anti-jam delivery drone will be able to fly in the high density cities and the environment with high electromagnetic interference. 

The first 5G+ Drone Logistics Innovation Application Lab was completed in Hangzhou. Antwork signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hangzhou Mobile to officially start the first drone logistics project.