Do You Know 'Mandarin Ducks' Lake' in Hangzhou?
City Express 2019-01-21 16:10:37

Strolling along the lakeside of the Gu Mountain(孤山), you can often see mandarin ducks swimming on the West Lake in groups. When you sit quietly on the bench by the lake, sometimes you can even take a snap for mandarin ducks foraging around you.

photo by @杭州老潘

photo by @杭州老潘

The West Lake is dubbed as "the Mandarin Ducks' Lake" while the nearby Gu Mountain is also known as "the Mandarin Ducks' Mountain." They are considered as the best places to spot Mandarin Ducks by many Kuaipai photographers in Hangzhou.

photo by @潇潇雨

Mandarin ducks bred successfully on the West Lake for the first time In 2007. Zhejiang Wild Bird Club organized volunteers to take care of them while  the Municipal Bureau of Landscape and Gardening established a West Lake waterbird reserve for them.

photo by @qwx 摄

photo by @杭州老潘

“Since then, mandarin ducks have started to settle in Hangzhou. A lot of them like to live on the rocks of the watery near the Liuhe pagoda in the winter,” photographer Qian Bin said. “We hope visitors can greet these lovely creatures politely and do not feed or scare them.”