Fisherman’s Dog Sends 38-foot RV Flying into Lake
FOXnews 2019-01-18 15:56:45

One Tennessee Dalmatian has likely landed himself in the dog house after accidentally backing up his owner’s RV into a lake – effectively destroying the vehicle – soon before the man was due at an elite fishing event.

Eric Jackson was launching his boat into the Sam Rayburn Reservoir in Texas last week when his two-year-old dog, Bodi, crawled behind the wheel and stepped on the gear shift switch, pushing the 38-foot vehicle in reverse and surging it straight into the body of water, Inside Edition reported.

Video footage was captured of the scene, which has since, of course, gone viral on social media via Jackson's Facebook page.

“Bodi clearly knew that he had something to do with this thing. In his own way he knew he was the guilty dog,” Jackson told Inside Edition.

Jackson, a professional fisherman, had been planning a practice day before the Fishing League Worldwide 2019 Tour at the time of the accident, as per Fox 8.

"By the time I got my foot on the brake, the back wheels were floating," Jackson told Fox 8.

Though he moved quickly to dive under the water to attach a tow line to the RV and pull it out, unfortunately the damage to the RV was already done, Jackson told Inside Edition. Nevertheless, the man says his four-legged family member Bodi is not a bad dog.

“They call it dog-driving error, but had I turned the RV off, the whole thing would never have happened,” he said.