Nebraska College Student Builds 84 Snowmen in One Night
FOXnews 2019-01-18 15:52:54

Some people count sheep when they can’t fall sleep. Others apparently build snowmen – dozens of them.

Alec Paul, a Bachelor of Fine Arts sculpture student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO), was having trouble catching some Z’s on Monday when he decided to take a trip to a nearby park, the school explained.

Paul “started rolling snow” by himself, an effort that lasted roughly nine hours, according to the university. He ultimately built a total of 84 snowmen and carried on “until he quit from exhaustion.”

Describing the task as “therapeutic,” Paul told the university that “it took a lot off my mind.”

“I couldn’t really sleep either, so I had to take my mind off of stuff and that did the trick,” he told UNO.

The herd of snowmen, which were colored red, blue and yellow, soon morphed into “a pop-up art installation” as people in the area learned about them, the university said. Paul has named the collection “Love Army.”

“I didn’t expect people to love them so much,” Paul said, adding he thought the use of snow made the installation more interesting.

“It’s made with a temporary material, so it’s only going to last a certain amount of time,” he told the UNO. “You have to be here to see it. Then it’s gone.”