Hangzhou Middle School Set ‘Love Holiday’ for Teachers
City Express 2019-01-17 15:37:16

The teachers of Dinglan Experimental Middle School in Hangzhou can enjoy more sweet leisure time from 2019. The school will offer “Love Holiday” to single young teachers and married but childless teachers thanks to the advice of the labor union. If there is no class arrangement and it does not affect the teaching work, qualified teachers can apply for “love holiday” twice each month.

“Young and unmarried teachers account for about 40% of the total number in our school,” Principle Zhao of Dinglan Experimental Middle School said, “Teachers usually work very hard and long hours. I hope they can relax themselves and enjoy the beauty of life, and also spend more time with their families during these holidays. Only when teachers improve their happiness, can students increase happiness.”

The school has set up the "Happiness Holiday" and "Parental Holiday" for married teachers already.