West Lake Recorded All Year Round through Her Lens
City Express 2019-01-17 15:26:29

Do you remember the “Kuaipai Weather”, black swans or seasonal scenery of the West Lake last year? Many readers must have sweet impression of the photography of “QuanLiShaoNian” on the newspaper City Express(都市快报) in the year 2018.

“QuanLiShaoNian” lives near the botanical garden and drives around the West Lake before she goes to work, which is the happiest thing she has every morning.

“To be honest, scenery photography mostly depends on the weather, but now I still have the great sense of accomplishment in photography of the West Lake, because she is the source of my creation.” “QuanLiShaoNian” has her own unique insights for the beauty of the West Lake, which benefits from the her education on painting  and her unique feeling of the lake. 

photo by KPKPW  “QuanLiShaoNian”