​400,000 Talents Gap in Chinese IC industry
City Express 2019-01-17 15:23:16

400,000 Talents Gap is exsting in Chinese IC industry!

According to “2018 Hangzhou IC Industry High-end Talents' Vitality Insight Report" released by Liepin Platform, 700,000 people are needed in the Chinese IC industry while at present there are less than 300,000 IC talents in China. Hangzhou's IC design field are highlighted for that 99% of the province's design enterprises are located in the Hangzhou Bay area in the whole distribution of Zhejiang's IC design industry.

The talent pool in the Hangzhou IC industry has been steadily extending, and it has increased by 30% in May 2018. The average annual salary of IC industry personnel is from 100,000 to 300,000. Although more than 300,000 high-paying talents account for a relatively small proportion, IC R&D personnel with deep accumulation in the field of infrastructure intend to the Internet application field.

Nowadays, IC companies are mainly divided into three categories: IDM, covering the entire industry chain of chip design, manufacturing, packaging, and testing; Foundry, responsible for chip processing and manufacturing; Fabless, responsible for chip design.