Compete Online, National AI Sports Competition Final Kicks off in Yuhang
City Express 2019-01-17 15:21:06

On December 29th, the opening ceremony of the first National AI Sports Competition Final will be held in Hangzhou International Conference Center for Future Technology city in Yuhang District. Just like the movie Ready Player One, AI Sports Competition is actually the real-life "Player one": the competition that uses technology to carry out games online.

The competition events look the same as the ones in athletic contests such as bicycle racing. In real life, training in real games can be hard in rainy days. But running a contest online can solve all the problems. In some cases, one even can participate in the game with only bike racks.

This competition is meant to encourage the public to participate in sports and launch a physical fitness campaign nationwide. The executive director of the committee also mentioned that the organizers could run the contest successfully thanks to the popularization of smart phones and smart bracelets.

Everything is ready; Sign up for the game now!