You Are Invited to the 2019 Fuyang Dongqiao Mountain Products Festival
City Express 2019-01-17 14:17:30

The 2019 Fuyang Dongqiao Mountain Products Festival will kick off on January 19 (Saturday). Vigorous goats jumping on rock cliffs, yellow cattle running all over the hills, local poultry raised at the blueberry garden and an abundant harvest of all crops are for you to explore. 

Hangzhoufeel(韵味杭州)is sincerely inviting Eight foreign nationals living in Hangzhou to join it for free!

Time: Morning-Afternoon, January 19 

Venue: Dongqiao, Fuyang, Hangzhou

Free bus transportation available: departing from and returning to central Hangzhou around 8:30 am and 2:00 pm respectively.

Registration: Contact us by mailing your information (Name, Nationality, Wechat ID, Mobile Phone, Company/University, Reason for Participation) to

Arrangements for the selected candidates:

You will arrive at the Dongqiao Wen Village at 10:00am and then visit the Mountain Products Fair which exhibits all kinds of special local farm products.

Have lunch at 11:30 and enjoy the local Number One Scholar Banquet(状元宴).

You will be invited to experience the dry reservoir fishing and join the fish catching relay race organized by the villagers after lunch around 12:30. Fisherman's trousers and net bags will be provided by the host. Please bring a towel and clothes for change in case that your clothes get wet.

Everyone will get a gift including celebrity fermented sweet steamed breads and fresh mountain products to take home.

Caution: Anyone who is uncomfortable about the slaughter of livestock on the scene is not recommended to join in the activity. 

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