Paragon Book Gallery Opens in Hangzhou
City Express 2019-01-17 14:07:50

Paragon Book Gallery, a bookstore with 77 years of legendary history, sets up its third physical space at OWSPACE in Hangzhou Grand Canal Place besides Chicago and Beijing. 

Paragon Book Gallery has a very important resource for books and literature in the field of Asian art and culture after more than half a century's transition and several changes of ownership.  

It was born in Shanghai in 1942 and moved to New York in 1948. A post-80 Chinese named Zhu Shuai spent all his savings and borrowed money to buy the Paragon Book Gallery and bring it back to China in 2014.

Paragon Book Gallery Hangzhou store contains more than 5,000 original books of art, photography, design, architecture and many other categories. In addition to cutting-edge publications from top foreign institutions such as Taschen, Yale University, Thames & Hudson, Metropolitan Museum of Art, British Museum, etc., there are also a large number of academically valuable books in the field of cultural studies, many of which are rare books, limited editions and out-of-print books.

A collection of 100 representative books selected from the collection, excavation and publishing resources of the bookstore over the years are exhibited nowadays at Paragon Book Gallery. Nearly one-third of them are out-of-print antique books and some can be as early as the 16th century, such as the Herodotus's work "The Histories" published in 1542. 

The exhibition runs through January 20th. 

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