Enjoy High-level E-sports Games at Hangzhou E-sports Town
City Express 2019-01-17 14:06:11

Winning Team, professional venue, high-level e-sports games… All of these are what you can expect in the near future at the doorstep.

Hailan International E-sports Center, a comprehensive entertainment platform integrating Chinese e-sports culture research, e-sports business incubation, and professional team training, officially opened at Hangzhou E-Sports Town.

The center covers an area of 72 acres and has a total construction area of 150,000 square meters. Up to September this year, it has attracted 125 enterprises, including the domestic e-sports star club LGD.

As an e-sports club starting in Hangzhou, LGD has more than 100 professional e-sports players from all over the world, and has won the first place in many international competitions. Around 2011, LGD's initial team received sponsorship from Ali, came to Hangzhou, and tried to develop the professional e-sports club. At that time, LGD's base camp was in the lakeside garden city, Hangzhou, where Jack Ma started his business. Later, they moved to cities such as Tianjin and finally returned to Hangzhou. “Hangzhou is a city of Internet innovation, which is very suitable for e-sports development, so we went home,” said Li Xuan, Chief Operating Officer of LGD Club.

LGD's new home in Hailan also opened at the same time. LGD's base camp consists of an e-sports venue, a support area, a surrounding store, and a player training room. In particular, the e-sports venue has a height of 12.1 meters for viewing, more than 700 movable seats, three large screens with a total area of over 150 square meters, and a professional studio with a cost of over 15 million yuan. "This configuration should top the country. In the future, the LoL National Professional League (LPL) will be held here, just like the CBA of basketball and the CSL of football. You can watch the game on the spot and feel the exciting atmosphere here. It’s definitely different from watching the live stream.”

In the following week, Hailan International E-sports Entertainment Center will hold the "Wulin E-sports Culture Week", including LGD club fan meeting, ZUEL (zhejiang university e-sports league) competitions, etc.

photos by courtesy of Hangzhou E-sports Town and LGD club

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