Warm Autistic Children’s Hearts with Animation
City Express 2019-01-17 14:03:27

On November 24, the Hangzhou Animation and Game Association teamed up with the Zhejiang Disabled People Welfare Foundation and the Zhejiang Public Welfare Development Center to jointly carry out the loving care activity of “Love Calendar” in the autism children's intervention training Organization “Yi Zhi Cu Zhan”(益智促展). 

At the site, association representatives and autism children took part in the interactive games. Everyone took the colorful cloth by hand and joined forces to throw the cartoon dolls up. They also used the watercolor to print the small trees on the board, and the children enjoyed the joy in the animation atmosphere. The representatives of Hangzhou Animation and Game Association presented carefully-selected dolls to the children from “Yi Zhi Cu Zhan” and also received hand-made love greeting cards from children.

Steam Works Creative Co.Ltd, Hangzhou's original animation company, customized a special handicraft class for this special group of children. The stop-motion Cartoon “Pocket Forest” was played in class. The animation company representative explained the principle of stop motion animation creation as much as possible in a child-understandable way and invited parents and children to participate in making clay dolls.

"Love Heart Calendar" is a series of activities of the "West Lake Animation" public welfare brand of Hangzhou Animation and Game Association. It insists on carrying out a love charity event with the animation elements featuring the characteristics of Animation Capital Hangzhou. Yesterday, the Association made the donation to the “Star Education Fund” and “Yi Zhi Cu Zhan” also called on the whole society to pay attention to autism children and offer them more care and understanding. 

You are welcome to raise funds for the Zhejiang Disabled People Welfare Foundation through donating account:Zhejiang Disabled People Welfare Foundation浙江省残疾人福利基金, Account number: 19020501040000518, Bank of deposit: Agricultural bank of China Hangzhou Jingzhou Sub-branch中国农业银行杭州竞舟支行.