Keith Haring Maze Exhibition Lands in Hangzhou
City Express 2019-01-17 12:16:16

From New York subway station to all over the world, Keith Haring Maze Tour now is coming to Hangzhou Mixc Mall! 

Even if you are not a fan of art, you will find these simple pictures with clear structures really familiar. You must have seen his puffed-up asthma dog, glowing baby and running love on Madonna's performance coat, GD's arm tattoo, and famous brand's joint T-shirt. 

This 3-month maze exhibition will reproduce nearly 100 authorized works of the Keith Haring Foundation in the form of high-definition digital inkjet. 

You can enjoy the graffiti artist's personal works at zero distance while joining the chapter-collecting games in the three-dimensional maze. The maze also has two immersive multimedia experience dark rooms, which may surprise you even if you get lost in the maze. 

Here at the entrance of the maze, you will see New York subway stations, platforms, carriages, safety lines, iron pillars, and graffiti on the walls, and posters stacked one on top of the other in the 1980s. These vintage elements created the place where Haring found his inspiration. The scene of Keith Haring doodling in the subway station is reproduced for you to experience the fun of doodling. 

There's also a place that you must check out in the maze: graffiti wall. Here you can reproduce the master's paintings and become a pop artist. You can also take the paintings with you or post them on walls to share your drawings with other people.