Koubei Smart Gyms Make Your Fitness More Scientific in Hangzhou
City Express 2019-01-11 16:33:47

Koubei, the Local life service platform launched by Alibaba and Ant Financial, has completed the transformation of the first smart gym in China and officially opened its business in Tianjin.

This smart gym is equipped with a digital system that can automatically recognize the identity of its members when entering the venue, and collect and analyze the sports data of the members in real time. In a variety of fitness scenarios such as aerobic, gravity, free stretching, group lessons, the smart gym can track the time, speed, intensity, course content and other data of its members without any interference, and develop personalized and scientific fitness for each member.

It is revealed that fitness chain brands including Lefit and Tera Wellness will also cooperate with Koubei to build smart gyms in 2019. Koubei plans to upgrade 1000 smart gyms in 12 cities including Hangzhou, making the fitness industry to enjoy the digital dividends and enter the era of smart operation.